Q & A
How do I store chocolate?
Chocolate should be stored at a temperature of around 15°C to 18°C, kept in a cool, dry place away from light and odours. If the temperature exceeds 24°C, then the cocoa butter may surface and turn white or “bloom” on the surface of the chocolate which is known as “fat bloom”. You can still consume the chocolate. In the summer or warmer climates, the chocolate can be stored in the fridge. Please note that when you take the chocolate in and out of the fridge this may cause condensation.
How long can I keep chocolate?
Your chocolate will keep from 6 to 10 months if stored correctly but we recommend that you consume your chocolate sooner rather than later.
Where does chocolate come from? How is chocolate made?
Chocolate comes from the cacao tree it grows in the cocoa pod as seed which is then dried and processed to make cocoa and chocolate. The trees are commonly grown in sub-tropical parts of the world in countries closest to the Equator because of the humidity they tend to grow well as they have a short dry season. These areas are typically - West Africa, South and Central America and parts of Asia, including Papua Niugini, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Samoa and Tonga.
How do I store coffee beans?
 Coffee Beans should be stored in the bag which you have purchased your coffee in a cool dry place. DO NOT store your coffee in the refrigerator as they will absorb the moisture and lose their flavour.
Why are beans better than ground coffee?
 Coffee beans retain the flavour of the coffee giving you value for your money, whereas ground coffee beans once ground only have 3 minutes before they lose their flavour because air is introduced. It is best to ground your coffee each time you use it.
Why is Certified Organic different from my regular coffee?
 Certified Organic Coffee has not been grown with pesticides or fertilisers and have been certified by NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia) or other certifying organisations relevant to the respective areas. The small holder plantation/gardens have been certified by NASAA due to the fact that they are 6000 plus meters above sea level and therefore they cannot transport pesticides up the steep mountainous region but also because there are no pests present to require pesticides.
Why are biodegradable coffee pods better than other pods?
 Koffee n Chocolates Koffee Pods are 100% Bio-degradable, Compostable Capsules. Bio Cap is plant-based and compostable made from sugarcane and sugar beet. We recommend that you put them in your garden along with the coffee grounds. Your plants will love them!