Handcrafted Specialty Coffee Blends to tease your taste buds, whether it is that first cup in the morning or just a cup to get you through the day.

The exceptional flavor and smoothness of our coffee will keep you wanting more. Made from the finest blend of Certified Organic Papua New Guinea Rainforest Arabica Coffee renowned for it’ s superiority. Full of fruity tropical notes with hints of chocolate and caramel, which captivate your senses, taking you on a journey of sensual!
What makes our Koffee Unbelievably Irresistibly mouth watering and just So So Great??
Slow Roasting: Our Koffee beans are slowly roasted, as our Master Roaster uses the authentic Italian style of Roasting. The Italians choose slow roasting because it allows the moisture contained within the raw bean to evaporate slowly, causing the cellulose to burn slowly.
Separate Roasting: The antique Italian method of roasting coffee embraces a ‘separate roasting’ technique. All raw coffee beans have individual organogenetic properties. During the separate roasting process, the beans lose weight, change color, increase in volume and develop their unique aroma. Therefore it is essential that each origin of the bean is roasted at its own specific temperature, to achieve our goal of optimum quality.
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