I cannot believe that this year is nearly at an end and I find myself reflecting on all the events which have been and gone good and bad. I try my hardest to try and see the positives in the bad and ponder whether the good was really good or were they just the lessons which I had to learn from, in order to become a better person? I guess that is the question that we all ask ourselves? In my opinion, I feel that 2020 was like a heavy blanket weighing me down and slowing me down to a point which challenged me as I am not a person who slows down but this year I was forced to slow down and even come to a "Stop". I am still trying to look at this as a good thing that COVID-19 happened and it was a blessing in disguise for me as I would have worked myself literally to the grave. I have always been a healthy, fit person, and never in the slightest thought that I would ever end up with the worst type of cervical cancer, but hey I did and we all know that cancer doesn't discriminate right? I still ask the question to this day "why me?" I guess we all ask this question for many issues that we are challenged with! I am FREE from cancer which is great and doing really well so please don't worry about me at all! I hope that 2020 has made you reflect on just how awesome you are to have survived this year and now we can move on and say goodbye to 2020 and look forward to the challenges ahead in 2021 and know that we will get through it without a hitch because 2020 gave us the ability to grow and believe that we are "Strong" and are "Survivors". Much Love to all of you and wishing you a very Merry and Safe Christmas. XX

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