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Drinking great coffee without all the pesticides and fertilizes it was grown with and then to make matters worse they throw preservatives in for a longer shelf life in your beloved supermarket and or some coffee shops/cafes. So you basically become a filter for your coffee and you think this is how coffee tastes??? Well!! hell!! No! Coffee should be smoooooth, satisfying, sexy, makes you feel like dancing, overall feel Awesome! Anyway if your cup of coffee isn't making you feel "Awesome" you need to purchase a bag of our coffee beans or pods. "Subscribe to the TRIBE" today. Tell us you read this Blog and you "DON'T" want to be your coffees filter any longer! We will send you a "Sample" of or coffee beans or ground or Pods. For those that had to study about coffee to work that out. Man where have you been???? Yes it is a "Superfood" and "Antioxidant" and not to mention an "Aphrodisiac" used for millions of years by very intelligent individuals. Coffee is packed with all the great stuff to make your day! Until the next Blog! Not without my Coffee!!!

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Koffee n Chocolate Manufacturer of Lishus Australian Bush Chocolates & Distributors of Papua Niugini Rainforest Arabica Coffee Beans. A Golden Bean Multi-Award Winning Coffee, Australian Certified Organic, Specialty Roast Smooth and Delectable, Roasted to perfection for your enjoyment.


Koffee n Chocolate and Lishus Australian Bush Chocolates would like to thank and acknowledge the Tribes and the indigenous people of Papua New Guinea and Australia for your love, wisdom, knowledge and inspiration but most of all for taking care of this great land as Traditional Custodians. We pay respect to our elders past and present who have preserved the land with pride and to pass on their wisdom and knowledge so that we may benefit. Thank you

To all indigenous people, our plants are not just food, they are our way of life, they are the blood in our veins, our beliefs our lifeline of survival, culture and custom.

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