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The cost of coffee!!!

The cost of coffee green beans seems to be heading upwards but our roaster has decided not to pass on the price to "Us" and "You" our Super Valued Customers.

Why is that that you ask? It is because they are Super Awesome people!

Also could be the reason being is that the sales of the coffee beans will drop and it will have a domino effect back to the village plantations where they are dependent on the coffee sales in order for them to survive.

This is the first time that the price of the green bean has held at a high USD price, which is what coffee beans trades in along with all mainstream commodities.

The reason for this is because the AUD is weak.

So this makes it difficult to trade competitively, in other words we all have to support each other and keep drinking more coffee, so we can help with keeping our roaster/s running to keep delivering the "LIQUID GOLD" we all look forward to every day...

Hope this helps.

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