Our Sample Pack contains 20g of each flavor as follows: Lemon Lishus (Lemon Myrtle), Choca Lishus (Sandlewood & Wattleseed), Chili Lishus (Chili & Salt Bush), Strawberry Lishus( Freeze-dried Strawberries), Desert Lime Lishus (Desert Lime), Death by Koffee (Koffee grounds and Koffee beans), Ginger Lishus (Buderim Ginger),  Honey Lishus (Honey Macadamia), along with our limited edition depending on the month you order we will add them to the package. Please note that our chocolates contain Macadamia Nuts from Bundaberg!

Sample Pack

    Please note there are no RETURNS or REFUND for our sample packs. 


    Due to the Fragile nature of the product/s we are shipping and the unpredictable climate we have, we cannot deliver on a specific day or on weekends. Delivery of our chocolates throughout Australia takes between 1 to 5 working days this excluding Saturday and based on your location. 

    Please go to Shipping Policy Page for more details...


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Koffee n Chocolate Manufacturer of Lishus Australian Bush Chocolates & Distributors of Papua Niugini Rainforest Arabica Coffee Beans. A Golden Bean Multi-Award Winning Coffee, Australian Certified Organic, Specialty Roast Smooth and Delectable, Roasted to perfection for your enjoyment.


Koffee n Chocolate and Lishus Australian Bush Chocolates would like to thank and acknowledge the Tribes and the indigenous people of Papua New Guinea and Australia for your love, wisdom, knowledge and inspiration but most of all for taking care of this great land as Traditional Custodians. We pay respect to our elders past and present who have preserved the land with pride and to pass on their wisdom and knowledge so that we may benefit. Thank you

To all indigenous people, our plants are not just food, they are our way of life, they are the blood in our veins, our beliefs our lifeline of survival, culture and custom.

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