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We are proud of our Heritage and Tribes; we welcome you to try our foods and experience the “Ultimate Indulgence”.

Established in 2014 in Brisbane we are committed and pride ourselves in bringing you with "Love" our Delicious "Lishus Australian Bush Chocolate Bark".  

Koffee n Chocolate Pty Ltd the first Chocolate Manufacturer of superior-quality coffee chocolates currently based in Agnes Water.  We attribute our reputation to our outstanding and diverse products along with impeccable customer service.

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Our NEW Exoctic Flavoured Chocolate - Strawberry LISHUS

Koffee n Chocolate is our Way of Life


Jacqui Oberdorf


My story began as a young girl who was born into a pioneering family which
traveled widely and spent time residing in various Papua New Guinea and the
greater South Pacific regions pre and post WW2.
My Great-grandfather was a Copra Trader and Plantation farmer in Milne Bay,
who later married the Matriarch of the Province. Their daughter married my Grandfather who was the Manager of a desiccated coconut factory in Milne Bay and my Grandmother helped establish the local Cocoa and Copra Plantations. During WW2, they assisted the allied Defence Forces to defend Australia and Papua New Guinea from the Japanese invasion.
My father and his siblings worked in Papua New Guinea building the main
access roads network across the whole country.
Living with our family and extended families, I had the privilege to learn about
both our and their traditions and customs. The ensuing rare opportunity to
work with Coffee Farming Families enabled me to learn first-hand under the
tutelage of wise teachers/farmers everything about cocoa and coffee, from the
cherry to the cup and the bean to the bar.
My incumbent love and pride of my vast heritage is what inspires me to
continue experimenting with different exotic flavours to create innovative and
unique blends of premium chocolate and coffee.
I invite you to reward your taste buds and stimulate your senses by
being part of this exciting journey with me!

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Koffee n Chocolate Manufacturer of Lishus Australian Bush Chocolates & Distributors of Papua Niugini Rainforest Arabica Coffee Beans. A Golden Bean Multi-Award Winning Coffee, Australian Certified Organic, Specialty Roast Smooth and Delectable, Roasted to perfection for your enjoyment.


Koffee n Chocolate and Lishus Australian Bush Chocolates would like to thank and acknowledge the Tribes and the indigenous people of Papua New Guinea and Australia for your love, wisdom, knowledge and inspiration but most of all for taking care of this great land as Traditional Custodians. We pay respect to our elders past and present who have preserved the land with pride and to pass on their wisdom and knowledge so that we may benefit. Thank you

To all indigenous people, our plants are not just food, they are our way of life, they are the blood in our veins, our beliefs our lifeline of survival, culture and custom.

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