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How far in advance do I need to book my order?

We advise you to order well in advance of (3-4 weeks is ideal). However, we understand that unplanned events can pop up. Enquiries can be sent through to see if we can cater for your event or not. We can take orders up to 6 months in advance.

How do I store my cake after pick up/delivery?

Depending on the time of year we recommend that you pop it in the fridge as soon as you return home or to the office after picking up your cake/s. The fridge helps the cake retain it's moisture as well as stop the buttercream from sweating. Once cut, standard vegan cakes and cupcakes can be kept in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days. For gluten free vegan cakes, they can be stored in a container in the freezer after your event and the flavor wont be altered as other cakes. It is strongly suggested that you store your store them in the freezer due to the gluten free flours used. All our cakes are baked fresh to order which enables your purchase to last weeks instead of days. 

PLEASE NOTE: Once a cake or cakes have been collected from us we hold no responsibility as it is out of our hands and no longer KNC's responsibility for any damages that may occur whilst in transit/ at a venue or incorrect storage.

Are all your cakes, cupcakes vegan friendly?

Yes! Our cakes are vegan friendly and always will be. Dairy free, egg free, gluten free cakes. We are proud of our cakes and love satisfying our customers who have allergies. We love it when our non-vegan customers enjoy our cakes. 

Do you do gluten free vegan cakes too? 

Yes we do!  Please specify when ordering.

What if someone eating the cake has an allergies

Whilst we are fully licensed and insured, the baking of our cakes is done in  a commercial shared kitchen as per Brisbane City Council regulations and food and safety requirements.

What if I need to change something about my order?

Minor changes are acceptable and can be altered 1 week before pick up. Which includes  the icing colour, board colour and adjusting pickup times. Any major changes  for example, cake size, acrylic topper or edible images must be advised to us immediately and I will try our utmost best to accommodate your request.

Do you have a front shop that I can visit?

We do not have a shop front. You can order your cupcakes online or find us at various markets and festivals which we attend. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram where you can get all the locations as they come to hand.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes we do, even though delivery is reserved for tiered cakes as they cannot be picked up. We can deliver your order for $10.00 extra depending on your location. Please advise us when you place your order, of your event or home address and we can include that in your quote.


A 50%  NON REFUNDABLE  DEPOSIT is required at the time your order is placed to ensure securing the date of your event. This 50% deposit is non-refundable if you should  cancel or change your mind.

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