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Was created solely to promote our beautiful region and it's indigenous products and history to the World.  Life in Agnes Water, the textures, flavors, scent, belonging, excitement, relaxation, seduction, seclusion, sensations, presence appreciation of Nature and History, to sum this up in  just 1 (one) word or maybe 2 (two) well that's up to you to decide! 

Featuring at the Worlds "BIGGEST" Hospitality Show in Hong Kong in 2019 was the big break through for us. It was our privilege to supply Crown Casino in Maccau for the Chines New Year in 2020. 

Lishus Australian Bush Chocolate was launched for our International Markets as well as our Local and National Markets. 

After 4 (four) years of it's supremacy Lishus Australian Bush Chocolate Bark now has a friend joining in the "Fun"! 

We would like to introduce to you our 1770 Chocolate Bark, which showcases the beauty which surrounds us here in Agnes Water and 1770. The Paperbark Walk, Sunsets and  Butterflies who grace us with their beauty once a year. 

We hope you will appreciate our Beautiful part of the world?

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Pink Sunset.jpg
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