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I have been in business since the age of 20, and looking back at my journey I have seen and been part of the struggles of being a woman (the "STRONGEST SEX") known to the World. 

We give life we hurt but we are brave and we hold our heads up high and we continue to forge forward because we have to to survive and set the best example to our daughters and sons. (our Legacy). After setting up the 1st Sculptured Nail Salon in Suva Fiji then venturing to PNG to co work in the coffee industry and the timber industry (1st woman in PNG Timber). My heritage stems from Milne Bay where it is a Matriarchal Society which is where my Grandmother (Fathers Mother) was the Matriarch, and it is handed down to the eldest Woman after her, and so on and so forth....

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My Story

We are a Agnes Water and 1770 based business, with our kitchen based in Brisbane.

We as a Family with extreme cultural diversity as well as culinary appreciation, we are on a "Mission" to change the way you think about the Finest Dark Chocolate Couverture along with Vegan Cakes and Desserts.

After helping keep Family recipes a secret which only made our Family happy. We have decided to share our Family secrets to make everyone and their Families HAPPY. 

I have broken the rules but in doing so have received the "Support" from my family as I have added a "Western Twist" to our traditional foods, so I haven't been that naughty..  I have combined the Australian Indigenous Bush Ingredients along with the Pacific Island ingredients to create our mouth watering chocolate barks and Macadamia Cakes.

Woman led, created and inspired. I believe that if we are going to change the way people envisage us we need to change the way they feel by not using 100% of our voice but using great flavors and foods to get to their heart as the saying goes "the way to a Man's heart is through his stomach"!

During my travels promoting PNG Coffee I have been to many countries who make the most deliciously delectable flavored foods which have stuck in my flavor sensory for many years.  I hope you can appreciate the combination of "Elegance" and "Sophistication" in my chocolates and cakes?

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