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Vegan Cakes are the next best thing if you love to spoil yourself with yummy moist cake. But have intolerances as I do. I made a Family members birthday cake 2 years ago and ended up very sick for a week, so I decided to play with our family recipes and came up with The Triibal Koffee Chocolate Macadamia Cake, as it's my Mum's recipe but I added a little bit of a western twist. Yes, it wasn't really her cup of coffee and as my Mum is famous for her boiled fruitcakes which are to die for because all you want to do is dive into them and just stay there and embellish the flavor sensation.

I made an Orange Macadamia Cake to change her mind and it did!  

I make small batch vegan cupcakes and cakes which are 100% dairy free, egg free, gluten free, soy free, grain free.

All my cupcakes and cakes made fresh daily and are all 100% vegan. I don't use any animal products or by-products. I love and believe in my products and love the fact that they taste just as fluffy and moist as any other cakes.

The aim of my business is to supply Agnes Water and surrounds with my vegan cupcakes and cakes.

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