For the Love of Koffee n Chocolate


Koffee n Chocolate originated because I wanted to help families in Papua Nuigini to bring an element of modern living into their life. It was rewarding then and still is now knowing that they are “ok” because their coffee is sent all over the world, including us, here in Australia. I have been fortunate to be associated with like-minded people that want to help our people.  Other than my love for great tasting coffee, I will always stand by our brand as we know it stands out in the crowd and it tastes so damn good! Thank you to our families in Papua Niugini. Rainforest Arabica Coffee, Specialty Roast Smooth and Delectable Roasted to perfection for your enjoyment. Grown in the highest altitude of the mountainous regions of Papua Niugini, where there is no requirement to use pesticides or fertilisers. 


We pride ourselves on our Coffee